The Overachieving Nurse


Nursing Portfolio

A “nursing portfolio” is a binder that I made that has everything that I need to bring with me to a job interview. I got this idea from Pinterest and received compliments on the organization of it during my interviews.... Continue Reading →

Common “New Grad Nurse” Interview Questions:

The nursing job interview will be different from any other interview you’ve been on. They will ask you so many questions and drain you but you will get through it. Here are some simple tips: Try not to be cliché... Continue Reading →

Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Requesting letters of recommendation should NOT be something you push off until graduations. The main reason… they will remember you better the sooner you ask! So my best advice is to get along with your professors, do your best to... Continue Reading →

Surviving Nursing School Clinical

  No matter the nursing school you’re attending, you have to get through clinical. I hope these quick tips will help it be a little bit more manageable. My first 3 tips are surrounded around being friendly. If you do... Continue Reading →

I Passed Nursing School & You Can Too…

  Attend every lecture Before you roll your eyes and tell me everything you need to know will be on the PowerPoint or in your textbook… By attending the lectures you will be able to learn the teaching style and... Continue Reading →

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