I cannot believe this time has FINALLY come! I am so excited to finally be working as a registered nurse (even if I haven’t officially had any patients yet lol). So my first week consisted of:

  •             Monday – Hospital orientation for all new employees… about the hospital, benefits, etc.
  •             Tuesday – EPIC chart training
  •             Wednesday – EPIC chart training (there is A LOT to learn)
  •             Thursday – Nursing skills practicum
  •             Friday – Med math exam, child abuse, therapeutic relationships, etc.


This next week I have one more day of hospital orientation on Tuesday and I’m on the floor the rest of the days.

  •             Monday – 0700-1530 shadow on my floor
  •             Tuesday – 0800-1630 nursing emergency day – practice code skills, CPR, EKG interpretation, etc.
  •             Wednesday – OFF J
  •             Thursday – 1900-0730 [my FIRST ever night shift #nervous]
  •             Friday – 2300-0730

** I am in a nurse residency that requires rotating shifts so I will be on nights for all of November.
** Also I work 80 hours per pay period (q2 weeks) so some shifts are normal 12 hours and some are 8 hours… 3 – 12 hours shifts per week only equals 72 hours bi-weekly.

Let me know if anyone has ANY tips for working night shift!

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xoxo Ty, the overachieving nurse