I want to tell you everything I can about my NCLEX experience to help decrease your anxiety about the exam…

I received my Authorization To Test (ATT) number about 1-2 weeks after I finished my nursing program and passed my exit ATI (I finished September 2), received my ATT on September 13 and took my NCLEX on September 19. I was able to check on Pennsylvania Board of Nursing Website that I passed at 9 am on September 20.

Here is the link if you are taking your NCLEX in Pennsylvania
PA License Verification — Just search your name after 9 am the day after your exam & if your name comes up with a RN license number, then you passed! BOOM no waiting.

Anyway… I was super nervous about the NCLEX but felt well prepared. When I got to my Pearson Testing Center I was directed to place any items I brought with me into a locker, my hands were wiped clean and I had to scan my hands. I entered the testing room which consisted of cubicles with computers. There will be others already testing. Bring ear plugs because some people may have essay requirements (noisy typing) or just a runny nose. My testing center suppled ear plugs but others may not. For scrap paper I was given a white board paper.

My test shut off at 75 questions and it consisted of multiple choice, 16 select all that apply, 1 “hot spot” (aka point to the location of…) and 2 questions that I was given a picture of a patient/ rash and had to say what I would do as a nurse.

There were a TON of prioritization & delegation questions.

Just a warning… the anxiety after the exam waiting for results will be 10x worse than the anxiety prior to the NCLEX. 

I hope this helps and as always, please don’t hesitate to ask.

xo, the overachieving RN