Sooo you got your first post grad interview (AHHH). You’ve prepared your questions common interview questions, you’ve made your nursing portfolio, you are all ready to go for your interview then you realize… what the hell should I wear?!

Remember, you do not know who you are going to be interviewed by. It could be a 30-year old who is fashion-forward and will love your nail art, winged eyeliner, beard etc. 
But… it could also be someone who finds those completely inappropriate in the field of nursing. 

You are a new graduate, so I would not recommend wearing scrubs. Remember you are dressing to impress!!! This does not mean you have to drop a paycheck on an outfit, there are many affordable options out there if you aren’t able to/ willing to spend a fortune on a suit you will wear a handful of times. Did you catch the fact that I said suit… YES you should wear a suit (girls too).

Here are links to the exact outfit that I wore for my interviews (all from Target, this was the most affordable “suit” that I could find”
Pants , Blazer/ Jacket , Blouse Example (Chose any blouse underneath with a pop of color/ basic pattern to stand out from the neutral suit)

My Favorite Shoes (Flats) — These are my go-to flats!!! Sooo comfortable and I can walk in them all day. The interview typically will include a tour so be sure you are able to walk comfortably in your shoes… the last thing you want is to twist your ankle because you insisted on wearing your 6-inch pumps.

If you feel more confident in pumps however, these are a recommended shoe:
Low-Pump Example

Other options include a dress if you are not comfortable wearing a suit, but remember it should come to at least your knees and you should wear stockings.

Just like I mentioned above for women, you should wear a suit with a tie for your nursing interview.  If you do not already own a suit, you can look at stores including JoS. A. Bank, Burlington Coat Factories, etc.

Hair should be pulled back away from your face. I recommend either a low bun especially if you tend to play with your hair when you are nervous. Perhaps you can pull the front pieces back with a pin or do a half up look.

Makeup should be what you feel comfortable with. If you wear a full face of makeup everyday and that makes you confident, then go for it. If you wear no makeup ever, the day of the interview is probably not the time to try your new bright pink blush. I would suggest a minimum makeup look, but again whatever makes you feel most confident.

Keep clean. Many hospitals are against nail polish/acrylics. Try to keep your nails short and if painted, make sure there are no chips and I would recommend a neutral color.

If you have facial hair, be sure to keep it trimmed and neat if you are unwilling to shave it all for your interview. Hair should be out of your face.

Ty – the overachieving RN