No matter the nursing school you’re attending, you have to get through clinical. I hope these quick tips will help it be a little bit more manageable.

My first 3 tips are surrounded around being friendly. If you do not have a friendly personality, surviving in the field of nursing will be difficult, but not impossible:

  1. Become acquainted with your instructor. Though it may not always seem to be true, he/she chose to become a nursing instructor to help students like you to succeed in the field of nursing. They have a wealth of knowledge and will be needed for recommendations when applying for jobs.
  2. Your colleagues (fellow students) are your greatest allies throughout this journey we call nursing school. They understand the stress you’re under, especially the stress of clinical. Aide others in nursing care and you will find they will be more willing to help you when you need.
  3. Help the nurses on the floor! I cannot stress this enough. Not only does it make a good impression of your work ethic (for a future job opportunity) but also allows you to learn an immense amount of knowledge. If you go out of your way to help nurses, they will often take you under their wing and demonstrate skills learned in lab and give you tips for your nursing practice.*** This is how I received my job directly after nursing school in a top children’s hospital in the country with no pediatric nursing experience! I interviewed for the floor I had clinical on and they remembered how helpful I was!!
  4. Trust me when I tell you I understand your anxiety going into clinical. It is nerve-wracking to put your skills learned in clinical into real life scenarios, but my biggest advice to overcome this anxiety is to:
    take a deep breath and fake it ‘till you make it.


Good Luck,
Ty – the overachieving nurse