1. Attend every lecture
  • Before you roll your eyes and tell me everything you need to know will be on the PowerPoint or in your textbook…
  • By attending the lectures you will be able to learn the teaching style and ultimately the testing style of your professor.
    • Many times the professor will give practice questions in class and those questions will in turn be similar to questions being asked on exams.
  • You will become familiar what topics your professor tends to favor which in turn will be the topics that will likely be presented to you on exam day.
  • Finally, attending lectures builds a strong relationship with your professors who will become your colleagues after you pass your boards.
    • You need letters of recommendations from these professors!!! (I will focus on how to get letters of recommendations in another blog post)
  1. Purchase an NCLEX book NOW…
  • I don’t care if you’re in your fundamentals class or if you’re a senior (if you are a senior and you are reading this I recommend purchasing yours today…)
  • Why is it important to purchase an NCLEX book so early?
    • This will not only help you for the NCLEX but in nursing school as well!!! Although I was not in a typical 4-year BSN program, I wish I had purchased my text prior to my final quarter of nursing school (about 4 months prior to sitting for boards). I was unable to even touch half of the book because I simply didn’t have the time with finishing school.
    • The Saunder’s NCLEX book for example includes a chapter for EVERY topic that you will cover in nursing school. This will be a condensed version focusing on the important things that you NEED TO KNOW and includes questions at the end of each chapter.
  1. Take Some Time to Relax
  • This is probably my most important tip. Staying relaxed and preventing burnout in nursing school is the most essential thing you can learn throughout your nursing journey.
  • We will all have difficult days through school and throughout our career. We need to have a way to relieve our stress at the end of the day.
  • Examples may include:
    • Exercise – cardio, weight-lifting
      • This is so important for nursing in general as you have to keep up with the physical needs of the job. You don’t want to throw your back out the first week of work!!
    • Meditation, yoga, coloring books
  1. Organization
  • Stay organized!!
  • A planner is essential to keep yourself sane and ensure you are completing all assignments on time and keeping track of your busy
  • I use the Erin Condren Planner, but there are many cheaper options!!


Best of luck with your nursing journey,

Ty – The Overachieving Nurse