The Overachieving Nurse


I Started Work!

I cannot believe this time has FINALLY come! I am so excited to finally be working as a registered nurse (even if I haven’t officially had any patients yet lol). So my first week consisted of:             Monday – Hospital... Continue Reading →


I am a presenter of Younique beauty & skin care products. I wanted to share this wonderful company with all of you!!! Younique is a company that sells high-end, natural based skincare and makeup!! See something you want but don't... Continue Reading →

Maternity/ Newborn – NCLEX Must Know

MATERNITY NORMAL VALUES Fetal Heart Rate: 120 – 160 bpm Variability: 6 – 10 bpm Amniotic fluid: 500 – 1200 ml Contractions: 2 – 5 minutes apart with duration of < 90 seconds and intensity of <100 mmHg AVA: The... Continue Reading →

My NCLEX Experience

I want to tell you everything I can about my NCLEX experience to help decrease your anxiety about the exam... I received my Authorization To Test (ATT) number about 1-2 weeks after I finished my nursing program and passed my exit... Continue Reading →

IV Solutions & Blood Administration (NCLEX)

IV SOLUTIONS Hypertonic Electrolytes > water Draws H2O out of cells into ESF 10% dextrose Hypotonic Electrolytes < water Dilutes ECF… used for edema 45% saline & 0.3% saline (increased ICP) Isotonic No net loss or gain from body (aka... Continue Reading →

NCLEX: Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Values

NORMAL ABG Values  pH: 7.35 – 7.45 CO2: 35 – 45 mEq/L HCO3: 24 – 26 mEq/L PaO2: 80– 100 SaO2: >95%   Compensated Partially Compensated Uncompensated pH Normal Abnormal Abnormal PaCO2 Abnormal Abnormal One Normal One Abnormal HCO3- Abnormal... Continue Reading →

Must Know Lab Values for NCLEX

  Lab Normal Range Extra Information Hematology Lab Values   RBC* 4.5-5.0 million   WBC* 5,000-10,000 Neutropenia - <5,000 (increased risk of infection) Platelets* 200,000-400,000 <20,000 =critical Thrombocytopenia = low platelet count Hemoglobin (Hgb)* Females – 12-16 Males – 14-18... Continue Reading →

Testing Strategies: How to Pass the NCLEX/ATI/ HESI on Your First Attempt

Chances are if you are reading this, you are getting ready to tackle the NCLEX, ATI, HESI, etc. The first thing you NEED to remember to pass is that if you are at this point, it means you have either... Continue Reading →

What to Wear on a New Graduate Nursing Interview

Sooo you got your first post grad interview (AHHH). You’ve prepared your questions common interview questions, you’ve made your nursing portfolio, you are all ready to go for your interview then you realize… what the hell should I wear?! Remember,... Continue Reading →

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